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The owner of the company has been working for 30 years as a planner and a builder of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic machines for the caulking and the preparing of the pipe to the welding process, special unities, valve resetting and surfaces for flanges (stock finish, spiral serrated, concentric serrated, smooth finish).
After a long experience in all the fields of the plant engineering maintenance, from the Cte Enel up to small companies of industrial maintenance for piping and installation of thermotechnic equipments, he founded the I.T.M. Company in 1995.

The experience, directly completed on the stocks and in the prefabrication shops of leader world companies, let to the production of a complete range of transportable machines, allowing the caulking and the processing of pipes starting from 3/8” (inside diam. 10mm.) up to 34” (outside diam. 1000mm.).
There have been used forefront techinc and technological solutions, and mostly paying attention to the easy and versatility of the use of the machines and obtaining such a way optimal guarantess of operative safety, allowing high-quality results and excellent outputs and also making easier the consequent installation and manual or automatic welding of the pipes.

The use of several kits allows to obtain a special processing and the transformation from manual to semiautomatic and completely automatic machines.
Our machines can be used in the production and “maintenance” fields of the heat exchanghers, and also in the thermoelectric, turbogas and nuclear stations, such as in the oil industry, pipes of any fluids and equipments (for ex. paper factories, glassworks, textile industry and food packaging industry).

The machines are designed and built according to the UNI EN ISO 12100: 2010 and CE marked
We are certifying the company with "The management system certificate ISO 9001 -2008"

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