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SL501 SP/E6V


SL501 SP-E/6V from Dmin=100mm to Dmax=742mm

The machine came from an evolution of the SL 501 P-E/6V Chamfers on high thickness and a tulip has a double productivity of the machines old design and competition: easy to use is easily adapted to work of all the materials ( from aluminum to Inconel ) being able to change the cutting speed and the material that the tool has a special shape as is clearly seen from the Video.

As seen from the figures in the various solutions that allows the machine by means of clamps to stationary tool and clamps with adjustable cart you can get the most diversified conditions optimal processing as shown below.

The machine is equipped with a 6 speed electric motor with 1600 watts of power and two gear rations that allow:
a) T = 214 rpm 7-8-9-12-15-18 rev/min
b) T = 495 rpm 3-3,5-4-4,5-7-8 rev/min

PRODUCTIVITY ( see video )
Tube 20" sch. 80 ( Ø  508 sp. 26.19 mm ) STEEL IN C. bevel tulip
in 1 hour
Tube 20" sch. 120 ( Ø  508 sp. 38.00 mm ) AISI 321H bevel tulip
in 3 hours
Tube 17" approx  sch. > 120 ( Ø  438 sp. 65.00 mm) P22 bevel tulip
in about 4-5 hours


The machines are designed and built according to the UNI EN ISO 12100: 2010 and CE marked
We are certifying the company with "The management system certificate ISO 9001 -2008"

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