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Connection to the  compressed air network
1.   For a correct use of smussatubi we must have a pressure of 6.5/7 BAR, if higher interpose a pressure reducer with manometer.
2.   Filtered and lubricated air, necessary to use a filter, separator water, automatic lubricator with special oil for pneumatic tools.
3.   Range suitable for consumption by group previsto. Consigliamo MS hoses inside diameter 10 mm outer 19 mm, for group and MB group SL hose inner diameter 13 mm outer 23 mm, limiting the length of the hoses.
4.   Before connecting the equipment to drain a little air from the hose.
5.   At initial startup, and periodically run the washing motor by introducing naphtha through the air intake, to run for a few seconds and then lubricate. This operation is often sufficient to make perfectly efficient engine that has lost power or has even become jammed due to obstruction.

Recommended maintenance

1.   Each 250/350 hours of use is advisable to remove the motor, gears and bearings thoroughly clean, lubricate with grease for extreme pressure and high temperature grease in the gearbox of electric motors, replace rotor blades
2.   If the machine is left idle smussatubi for long periods, it is appropriate to introduce special oil for pneumatic tools in the engine and let it run for a few seconds before putting it away. The internal components will remain  protected by a film of lubricant. Last but important is the use of the balancer to facilitate the operator in repetitive jobs.


The machines are designed and built according to the UNI EN ISO 12100: 2010 and CE marked
We are certifying the company with "The management system certificate ISO 9001 -2008"

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