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Prima Calogero was a man of great industriousness and creativity. In 1981 the milling system was created.
It is known that the jointing connection of pipes through welding provides, as a preliminary operation, the preparation of the borders to be jointed, by giving a particular profile to such borders and a special smoothing according to a prearranged angle. This operation presents partcicular difficulties when it has to be done on already mounted pipes, such as, for example, during the maintenance of the steam boilers…

The welding system “Prima” – pneumatic machines for pipes left behind the Sutzer Ltd., with its celebrated welding skills, whose owner was Prima Calogero when “Prima srl – the welding” was born.


Years go by, technologies develop and the management of the company take turns.
“Srl Prima – the welding” becomes ITM Insdustrial Technologic Machines and, then, NewITM Foundation, Research and Develpment of new models, together with a continuity of the past. The son of the owner, Mr Prima Renato (an engineer), collects his father’s heritage and he pursues the same purpose.

… he creates a milling-pipes small-sized-and-weighted system which particulrly fits the processing of the already mounted pipes and which grants any kinds of preparation of their borders to be jointed, providing a high smooth finish degree…

The machines are designed and built according to the UNI EN ISO 12100: 2010 and CE marked
We are certifying the company with "The management system certificate ISO 9001 -2008"

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